Why go overseas?

Studying, working or volunteering overseas is an unforgettable experience that can offer you a wide range of benefits.Whether you are looking to study abroad for a year and gain some independence, work in a global business to gain a competitive edge in the job market, or to simply experience a new culture, participating on a DMU Global opportunity can lead to many new opportunities.

What DMU students have to say about their experiences

“ It’s been so much more than a placement. I’ve travelled, I’ve learned about a whole new culture and I’ve grown as a person. I feel better prepared for my final year of university as I’m more independent and confident.”

Kayleigh Cardy

Erasmus+ placement in spain

“The thing that I enjoyed most was choosing what to study and mould together my own learning experience for a year […] I thrust myself into a different country and culture for a year and now I feel like I can take on anything.”

Oliver Luscombe

Exchange year at georgia college, usa

“This trip was a life changing adventure; it allowed me to see a new continent, a new culture but also I met some very warm and loving people that I’m still in contact with.”

Joe Grisley

Volunteering in Bangkok, Thailand

“I learnt about and contributed to a project that helped saved the lives of turtles, gaining an understanding of how the work of an NGO can benefit the local community.”

Evandro Martos

Academic-led trip in trinidad

Benefits of international experiences

Here are just some of the benefits of taking part in overseas opportunities with DMU Global…

Personal growth

  • Learn more about yourself and escape your comfort zone
  • Build your confidence and independence
  • Make new friends from around the world

Cultural learning

  • Develop your language skills
  • Immerse yourself in a different culture
  • Enhance your intercultural awareness skills

Academic opportunities

  • Add an international dimension and new perspective to your studies
  • Gain inspiration for your dissertation or projects
  • Experience a different academic system

Career development

  • Develop new skills to gain a competitive edge
  • Grow your network of contacts
  • Learn about business and work opportunities overseas

What the stats say…

Students that have participated in DMU Global experiences reported a number of benefits and improvements in a range of skills…


felt the experiences enriched their studies


cited a better understanding of different cultures


felt more confident handling unfamiliar situations


are now interested in pursuing other international experiences