Visa information

A travel visa is an official document that shows you’re allowed to enter a specific country, for a specific length of time, to do a specific activity.

Depending on your nationality and the country you’re visiting, you may require a visa prior to travel. Some visa information is provided in the opportunity advert. If you do need a visa to enter the country you are visiting, this will be confirmed to you by the DMU Global team. The DMU Global pre-departure information session will also provide further information about visas and how to obtain one.

Please note that you are responsible for obtaining your visa. If you fail to be granted a visa in time for your opportunity then you will be liable for any costs you may have incurred. This will also include paying back any DMU Global bursaries you may have received. 

Before making a visa application, we advise that you refer to the DMU Global & DSU Advice Student Visa FAQ document.

If you require further support or visa advice, please contact the appropriate team as listed below:

  • Visa support letters – email
  • Proof of enrolment – email
  • Visa advice – We are running the following advice sessions for a Schengen Visa or US Visa. These will provide guidance of applying for a visa, and the documents and evidence required for the application process. Simply choose the one that suits you and turn up on the day. No prior registration is necessary.
SessionDateTime of sessionLocation
Schengen Visa RequirementsWednesday 5th February 202013:00 – 14:00Portland Building – P1.15
US Entry RequirementsFriday 13th March 202013:00 – 14:00 Portland Building – P1.13
Schengen Visa Requirements Friday 20th March 202013:00 – 14:00Hugh Aston – HU1.48