Below you will find answers to the questions we get asked the most about DMU Global.

Application & Preparations

Application & Preparations

How are selections made?
Selections are made based on your online application, and specifically how you answer the two motivation statements. The Trip Lead will also consider other factors such as your academic performance. Most opportunities have a specific eligibility criteria listed on the advert, and this is used to help review applications

Can I still apply if I don’t have a passport?
You can apply for overseas opportunities without a valid passport, but you will be required to get a passport as soon as you are offered a place on the opportunity.

Can I stay in the host country longer after my DMU Global opportunity has finished?
If you are responsible for booking your own flights, you can decide on your travel dates.  However, if your opportunity is during term time, you will need to return home to attend classes.  Please note that DMU Global support is only provided for the duration of the opportunity and that you are required to purchase travel insurance for the entirety of your stay.


Are DMU Global opportunities linked to academic programmes?
The majority of DMU Global opportunities are organised by academics and linked to programmes and modules, therefore you need to check the eligibility criteria before applying to ensure it is relevant to you. If you can’t find an opportunity linked to your studies we recommend that you speak with your academics to find out about future opportunities.

We also offer a range of extra-curricular opportunities such as volunteering and summer schools, which are open to a wider range of students and are not subject specific.

How will my DMU Global opportunity be recognised?
All opportunities are formally recorded on your HEAR (Higher Education Achievement Report). Some opportunities are directly linked to academic modules and may include some form of assessment.

What if I am in my final year of study and graduate this year?
Final year students (graduating in summer) are eligible to participate on DMU Global opportunities up until 31st August of that year.

Will I be able to get a deferral for coursework or exams because of DMU Global?
No – undertaking a DMU Global experience cannot be cited as a reason for requesting deferrals.

Does participating on a DMU Global opportunity count as an authorised absence?
No – this is not an authorised absence. We recommend that you check your course and exam schedules before accepting your place.


I’ve never been abroad, I’m nervous about travelling alone for the first time
If you are worried about going abroad, you can speak with a member of our team. All our opportunities are subject to extensive checking and monitoring procedures to ensure our students have a safe and enjoyable experience. Many opportunities will be arranged in groups and accompanied by DMU staff.

Does it matter if I can’t speak any foreign languages?
The majority of opportunities on offer don’t require knowledge of other languages. The opportunity to learn another language is, however, a key part of DMU Global and we offer a range of classes that you can apply for.