Additional Funding

What is Additional Funding?

We offer all eligible students accepted onto a #DMUglobal overseas opportunity a bursary (£150 for trips within Europe and £400 for trips outside Europe), to help them take part in this trip. However, we recognise that some students may need additional financial support to travel with #DMUglobal.

For this reason, we have set up a special fund to help students that need additional financial support because we believe that every student should have the chance to take part in a #DMUglobal overseas opportunity.

Who is eligible to apply for Additional Funding?

All students offered a place on a #DMUglobal overseas opportunity can apply for Additional Funding, however we are looking to specifically support students participating on academic-led trips whereby you qualify based on the eligibility criteria (module and/or programme enrolled on). We will give special consideration to:

  • Students with dependants
  • Students who have a disability or medical condition
  • Students from a background in care
  • Students facing financial difficulties

How much is the Additional Funding?

The Additional Funding is paid as a supplement to the #DMUglobal bursary and offers a further:

  • £150 for opportunities in Europe
  • £400 for overseas opportunities outside Europe

Applying for Additional Funding

Before applying for Additional Funding, you must have been offered and formally accepted your place onto an overseas #DMUglobal opportunity by completing the student agreement and submitting your additional details.

In your application you must:

  • Clearly explain your reasons (using the full 200-word limit per question) for applying for the Additional Funding and why you should receive it for the trip you have been accepted on, using the online application form (see application process).
  • Confirm that you are committed to participating in mandatory #DMUglobal ambassadorial duties which may include, but are not limited to: news stories, case studies and promotion of the #DMUglobal opportunity via social media.
  • Not have received Additional Funding in the current academic year. Students can only qualify for Additional Funding once per year.

Please note you cannot apply for Additional Funding instead of the #DMUglobal bursary.

Application process

1. Students can apply for the Additional Funding by completing the online application form (CLOSED). Our team will be happy to help you if you require any support to complete your Additional Funding form. Please contact us on

2. Once you have applied for the Additional Funding, a panel will review and make a decision on your application. You will be notified of the outcome of your application within 14 days of the Additional Funding application deadline closing. All decisions taken by the panel are final.

3. If your application has been successful, you may then be asked to complete our Payment Request Form to receive the additional payment. You may have already completed this form for the standard #DMUglobal funding.

Deadlines for 2018 – 2019

Application round Trip dates Additional funding application deadline
1 1 September – 31 December 2018  Monday 6 August 2018, 9am
2 1 January – 31 March 2019  Monday 3 December 2018, 9am
3 1 April – 31 August 2019  Monday 25 March 2019, 9am

Please note:#DMUglobal trips that receive extra funding beyond the £150 or £400 bursary are not eligible for Additional Funding. This includes Mass Trips to destinations such as New York.