VIA University College – Denmark

Key Facts

  • Number of students enrolled: 20,000 students
  • Academic Year: August – June
  • Modules will be available in English
  • Partner university website: VIA


VIA Univesrity College is one of Denmark’s largest institutions of higher education, offering programmes including Education, Engineering, Design, Business and Film. The Danish approach to education at VIA incorporates hands on experience, project based learning and encouraging a culture of open exchange between student and lecturers.

Campus activities and events

Every year, around 3,500 international students from more than 60 different countries attend VIA on exchange or full degree programmes at one of their eight campuses. International students have the opportunity to be matched with a local student buddy/mentor who can help navigate student life at VIA.

At each VIA campus, there is a student council or social community responsible for improving the quality of your student life and study environment. A variety of social activities and events are available on campus along with professional courses.

While some of our campuses have their own sports club, Denmark offers almost 16,000 in total, as the Danes are very involved in leisure activities. There is a club for almost any kind of sport, and we therefore encourage our students to become involved in a local sports club to make new friends and grow their network while pursuing their interests.

Travel and Accommodation

It is recommended that you purchase your flights to VIA once you have your Letter of Acceptance. Upon arrival, incoming students independently travel to their accommodation.

There are multiple accommodation options in VIA’s campus cities – dormitories, private apartments, house sharing – depending on preference. Dormitories and house sharing offer great opportunities for socialising and meeting new friends and are more affordable. On the other hand, you own apartment will provide privacy and freedom.

Fees and costs

Whilst studying at VIA, you don’t need to pay any tuition fees. However, some universities charge small fees for the use of facilities such as the Students’ Union. If you have any queries about any these charges, we recommend that you speak directly with the host university. You will be required to pay for the following: accommodation, health insurance and books. Students accepted on Erasmus+ may also be eligible to receive the Erasmus+ grant.