University of Lucerne – Switzerland

Key Facts

  • Number of students enrolled: 2,800
  • Academic year: September – June
  • Modules will be available in English
  • Partner university website: University of Lucerne


The University of Lucerne is the youngest university in Switzerland. Its roots stretch back as far as 1600, but it has only existed as a modern university since 2000. In the decade since it was founded, the number of students has grown from approximately 250 to around 2800 today.

The University of Lucerne is located in the very centre of Lucerne next to the railway station, the Culture and Convention Centre (KKL) and Lake Lucerne. The campus is 23’000 square metres in size and has seven levels. All lectures are held in the main campus building, and the Main and University Library (ZHB Luzern) is also located on the campus.

Campus activities and events

With its location in the heart of Switzerland, on the shores of Lake Lucerne and close to the Alps, the City of Lucerne offers an array of leisure time activities. In spring and summer, Lake Lucerne and its beautiful surroundings are perfect for hiking, swimming or sailing. In winter you can enjoy some skiing in the nearby mountain regions which are less than an hour away from Lucerne.

The city of Lucerne is located right in the centre of Switzerland, which means that all other Swiss cities and regions are very close by. You can travel to Ticino, the southern part of Switzerland, in 2.5 hours or visit Geneva in less than 3 hours by train. Other European cities are close by as well, so you could spend the weekend in Milan, Paris or Munich, to name a few.

Further information on life in Lucerne can be found in the International Student Guide.

Travel and Accommodation

It is recommended that you purchase your flights to the University of Lucerne once you have your Letter of Acceptance. Upon arrival, incoming students independently travel to their accommodation.

The University of Lucerne does not offer on-campus accommodation. However, the International Relations Office assists exchange students – especially those coming from overseas – in finding suitable accommodation. Exchange students all receive information as part of their application pack.

Fees and costs

Whilst studying at University of Lucerne, you don’t need to pay any tuition fees. However, some universities charge small fees for the use of facilities such as the Students’ Union. If you have any queries about any these charges, we recommend that you speak directly with the host university. You will be required to pay for the following: accommodation, health insurance and books. Students accepted on Erasmus+ may also be eligible to receive the Erasmus+ grant.