Technische Universitat Dresden – Dresden, Germany

Key Facts

  • Number of students enrolled: 34,000 students
  • Academic Year: October – July
  • Language of instruction: English and German
  • Partner university website: Technische Universitat Dresden

Campus activities and events

Technische Universitat Dresden offers a wide range of events such as City tour on DVB tram, Workshops, City Rally –  a day up on the towers of Dresden and many more. Technische Universitat Dresden also has a Sports Centre where over 500 trainers supervise sports courses, tournaments, and events. You will find swimming, ice skating, dancing and of course their fitness facilities and classes. Students can also try something different such as less well-known martial arts styles such as Silat, the Indonesian Kung Fu or Xingyiquan, one of the oldest martial arts in China. In addition, Dresden has a wide range of student clubs which offer parties, concerts and game evenings with low student entry and beverage prices.

Travel and Accommodation

It is recommended that you purchase your flights to Dresden once you have your Letter of Acceptance. When you arrive at Dresden Airport it is recommended to take a taxi to your accommodation.

You should only apply to live in an accommodation as an exchange student only after you receive your Letter of Acceptance. Exchange students seeking accommodation for a short period of time can visit the Technische Universitat Dresden webpage for more information.

Fees and costs

Whilst studying at Technische Universitat Dresden, you don’t need to pay any tuition fees. However, some universities charge small fees for the use of facilities such as the Students’ Union. If you have any queries about any these charges, we recommend that you speak directly with the host university. You will be required to pay for the following: accommodation, meal plan, health insurance and books. Students accepted on Erasmus may also be eligible to receive the Erasmus+ grant.