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To help prepare you for your time overseas, we have put together some useful resources and activities for you. These will help you get the most out of your #DMUglobal experience, develop your self-awareness and improve your knowledge of other cultures. You are encouraged to explore these resources before you depart for your #DMUglobal experience.

Cultural awareness and country comparison

The Hofstede Centre offers high quality cultural education and its online activities allow you to compare one country’s culture with another. Before going overseas with #DMUglobal we suggest you use this tool to investigate the key cultural differences between your home and host countries. An understanding of some of these differences will be useful to have while you are abroad and will give you the time to imagine how these differences might feel and work.

Self-awareness test

Learn more about yourself through this free online self-awareness test. The aim of this test is to give you a personal understanding of your skills such as confidence, adaptability, social support and purposefulness. Many of these skills can be developed or improved through a #DMUglobal experience and we encourage you to revisit this test after you return from your time abroad.

Equality & Diversity Training

At DMU we are committed to driving forward fairness, equality and inclusion for all of our students and therefore encourage all #DMUglobal participants to complete our online Equality & Diversity Training to gain an understanding of Equality & Diversity issues. To access the training you need to visit Blackboard, go to my communities and then my faculty.  If you have any problems finding this, please contact

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