Below you will find answers to the questions we get asked the most about #DMUglobal.



How are selections made?

#DMUglobal programme aims to give as many DMU students as possible the chance to take part in an international experience. Selections are made based on your online application form, and specifically how you answer the two application questions. Only forms which have been completed in full by the application deadline will have the chance of being successful. There may be a second selection process if required. Further details will be provided to relevant students if this is the case.

What if I’m not successful?

Although the #DMUglobal team will do their best to ensure all fully completed applications are considered, it may not always be possible to offer you a place on your chosen opportunity. This may be due to one of the following reasons:

  • Limited places available on the opportunity
  • Opportunities only open to students from specific courses or registered on specific modules
  • Specific criteria required by a university abroad or a provider of international experiences
  • The need to have a valid passport at the time of application

In the event that you have completed the online application in full but it has not been possible to offer you a place, you will be put on a reserve list and be first in the queue for the next available place.
You will not need to apply again, and the #DMUglobal team will work with you to ensure you are offered the right opportunity.

If I’m offered a place on an opportunity, am I guaranteed to take part?

In the majority of cases, if you are offered a place to take part an opportunity, you will be able to take part. However, if your opportunity is overseas, you may need to obtain a visa in order to enter the country in which your opportunity is taking place. In a minority of cases, there can be a delay in you receiving your visa prior to your departure, which may mean that you are not able to undertake the opportunity. In a further minority of cases, the opportunity to which you are allocated may be cancelled due to external factors. In both of these cases, the #DMUglobal team will work with you to help you find an alternative #DMUglobal opportunity.

Practical Arrangements

Can I still apply if I don’t have a passport?
Yes, as you can apply to opportunities taking place in the UK and on campus. However if you wish to apply to an opportunity taking place overseas, you must have a valid passport, and you will be required to enter your passport details as part of the online application.

Can I stay in the host country longer after my #DMUglobal experience has finished?
If you are responsible for booking your own flights, it’s up to you when you fly out and return home within holiday periods. However if your experience is during term time, it’s unlikely that you will be able to stay any longer as you must ensure that you are at DMU to attend all of your academic commitments. You must be aware however that #DMUglobal support is only provided for the duration of the #DMUglobal experience. Please note that you will be required and responsible for purchasing travel insurance for the entire duration of your stay.

I’ve been refused a visa in the past, can I still apply to #DMUglobal?
Depending on your nationality, personal history and the country that you wish to visit, sometimes you can be refused a visa. This may have a negative impact on any future visa application. #DMUglobal offers a wide range of opportunities in Europe and internationally. If you have been refused a visa for a certain country and are not able to meet immigration requirements for a #DMUglobal opportunity, we’ll work with you to find an alternative international experience. DMU is not able to influence immigration decisions.

I have caring responsibilities, how can I take part in #DMUglobal? 
#DMUglobal, as part of DMU, is absolutely committed to Equal Opportunities. As such, #DMUglobal has worked hard to provide a wide range of opportunities which are accessible to all students, regardless of their circumstances. For students with caring responsibilities, #DMUglobal opportunities based on campus or in the UK can often be the best practical solution for those who wish to get involved. #DMUglobal opportunities overseas are only open to those who are DMU registered students or who are providing care for a DMU registered student.

I have a disability, how can I take part in #DMUglobal? 
Once accepted to a #DMUglobal opportunity all students are required to complete the Confidential Information Form to disclose any additional needs and requirements they may have. Once this has been received the #DMUglobal team will work with you and the Disability Advice and Support (DAS) service to assess your needs and support you in identifying any reasonable adjustments required to be able to take part in the #DMUglobal opportunity. The #DMUglobal team can advise you on accessing additional funding to put in place agreed reasonable adjustments. If your chosen #DMUglobal opportunity isn’t the best choice for you, we will work with you to find an alternative solution.

I’m pregnant, can I take part in #DMUglobal?
Once accepted to a #DMUglobal opportunity all students are required to complete the Confidential Information Form to disclose any additional needs and requirements they may have, this includes declaring pregnancy. To protect the health and wellbeing of the pregnant woman and unborn child, you may receive specific advice about travel arrangements, your destination and safety precautions regarding types of activity that you engage in.  You must obtain full consent from your doctor and/or midwife before planning to undertake any overseas #DMUglobal activities. If you are unable to travel overseas, we are still able to offer #DMUglobal opportunities based on campus or in the UK.


Will it be specific to my course?
#DMUglobal offers a wide range of international opportunities that are open to a variety of students. If you are unable to find an experience that is specific to your course or module, opportunities that are open to all students are still relevant and beneficial, and can be tailored to your own interests where possible.

How will my #DMUglobal opportunity be accredited?
Some #DMUglobal experiences are directly linked to academic modules and include a formal assessment. #DMUglobal opportunities for undergraduate students and international students will be formally recorded on your HEAR (Higher Education Achievement Report) provided that you complete the required documents.

What if I am in my final year of study and graduate this year?
Final year students are eligible to apply for #DMUglobal opportunities taking place in the summer period as long as the opportunity end date is by 31st August of that year. However you must think carefully about the timing of the opportunity for which you are applying, given that graduations take place in July.

Will I be able to get a deferral for coursework or exams because of #DMUglobal?
No – undertaking a #DMUglobal experience cannot be cited as a reason for requesting deferrals.

Does a #DMUglobal experience count as an authorised absence?
Participating in a #DMUglobal trip is not an authorised absence. You must check your course and exam schedules, as well as work and personal commitments before making arrangements to undertake a #DMUglobal trip.


I’ve never been abroad, I’m nervous about travelling alone for the first time
If you are worried about going abroad because you have never travelled, or never travelled alone, the #DMUglobal team can discuss any concerns with you on an individual basis. All opportunities are subject to extensive checking and monitoring procedures to ensure our students have a safe and enjoyable experience. Many of the experiences will be arranged in groups and accompanied by DMU staff.

Does it matter if I can’t speak any foreign languages?
No. The majority of opportunities are in English. The opportunity to learn another language is, however, a key part of #DMUglobal and there are a range of language and culture programmes to choose from. There are also language programmes and study support available prior to departure in some cases, to help students become accustomed to their destination country.

“I’m nervous about how I may be perceived or responded to in certain countries because of my sexual orientation (I am gay, lesbian or bi sexual), gender identity (I am transgender), religion, race or choice of dress.” 
#DMUglobal staff meet students prior to departure via sessions, online advice and information, and also one-to-one meetings if you prefer to have a confidential conversation. We will advise you regarding customs and culture in the country to which you are travelling. The more research and reading you do in advance, the more you will be prepared for your #DMUglobal experience. #DMUglobal offers a wide range of opportunities in Europe and internationally, so you can choose the #DMUglobal experience that is right for you.