Johannes Gutenberg Universitat of Mainz – Germany

Key Facts

Campus activities and events

Introductory events are usually held in the week before lectures start and will help students familiarise themselves with university and campus life. All students at JGU can participate in the general university sports program (AHS). The sports program includes the German university sports competitions, recreational sports and university-wide sports days. Other sporting activities are offered by the Student Sports Committee.

Travel and Accommodation

It is recommended that you purchase your flights to Frankfurt once you have your Letter of Acceptance. When you arrive at Frankfurt Airport it is recommended to take a train to your Mainz. Alternatively you can choose to take a flight to Frankfurt Hahn Airport (in the Hunsrück region) and continue your journey by bus. For more information, please see Johannes Gutenberg Universitat of Mainz webpage.

You should only apply to live in an accommodation as an exchange student only after you receive your Letter of Acceptance. Exchange students seeking accommodation for a short period of time can visit the Johannes Gutenberg Universitat of Mainz webpage for more information.

Fees and costs

Whilst studying at Johannes Gutenberg Universitat of Mainz, you don’t need to pay any tuition fees. However, they do charge a Semester Fee of approximately £300 per semester which includes local travel pass, and sports facilities.

If you have any queries about any these charges, we recommend that you speak directly with the host university. You will be required to pay for the following: accommodation, insurance and books. Students accepted on Erasmus+ may also be eligible to receive the Erasmus+ grant.