#DMUglobal bursary

All fee-paying degree students who formally accept their place onto an overseas #DMUglobal opportunity will receive a #DMUglobal bursary, provided they return the required documents.

If you are studying at DMU for just a semester or a year on exchange, you will not be eligible for a bursary towards #DMUglobal opportunities.

For the 2019 – 2020 academic year students will receive:

  • £150 for an opportunity within Europe
  • £400 for an opportunity outside of Europe

Depending on the booking method for the opportunity, the bursary payment will either be paid directly into your bank account or taken off the cost of the opportunity. You must return a completed Payment Request Form with your bank details in order to enable the #DMUglobal team to make payment.

Can students qualify for more than one bursary?

All DMU students that meet the eligibility criteria for a bursary are able to receive the following #DMUglobal bursaries in a single academic year (1st September 2019 to 31st August 2020):

  • Academic-led trip – 1 bursary to the value of either £150 (Europe) or £400 (International)
  • Extra-curricular opportunity – 1 bursary to the value of either £150 (Europe) or £400 (International). These include: DSU trips; volunteering; internships; summer schools; employability trips

When will I receive my #DMUglobal bursary?

#DMUglobal bursaries will be paid into your bank account after you have formally accepted your place and at least 2 months before your trip departs.

If I arrange an international opportunity independently, will I still receive funding and support?

#DMUglobal funding and support is available sole for opportunities which are sourced and organised through #DMUglobal. You will not be able to receive funding or support for an international opportunity that you have arranged independently unless this is through the external providers listed on the #DMUglobal website.