#DMUglobal offers a wide range of international opportunities throughout the year, both as part of modules and linked to academic courses, and also during holiday periods. You can take part at the right time for you. Each opportunity specifies the dates. Opportunities can run from a few hours in the UK, right up to a full year abroad.

Who can apply?

#DMUglobal is committed to ensuring that all students can access suitable experiences. It’s not just about travelling abroad – we offer international experiences here on campus and throughout the UK.

Overseas Opportunities
#DMUglobal overseas opportunities and funding is only for the following students:

  • DMU Higher Education Programmes (UG + PG)*
  • DMU Foundation Diploma in Art and Design
  • Exchange students (eligible for academic-led opportunities which form a part of a module but are NOT eligible for the bursary)

*The following students are not eligible for overseas opportunities: study abroad, foundation programmes, partner institutions, distance learning and LIPC

On-Campus and UK Opportunities
#DMUglobal on-campus and UK based opportunities are open to all students enrolled at DMU including:

  • DMU Higher Education Programmes (UG + PG)
  • Erasmus+ and International Exchange
  • Study Abroad
  • Foundation programmes
  • Partner institutions
  • Distance learning
  • LIPC students

Can students qualify for more than one #DMUglobal bursary?

All DMU students that meet the eligibility criteria for a bursary are able to receive the following #DMUglobal bursaries in a single academic year (from 1st September to 31st August the following year):

  • Academic-led trip – 1 bursary to value of either £150 (Europe) or £400 (International)
  • Extra-curricular opportunity – 1 bursary to value of either £150 (Europe) or £400 (International). These include: #DMUglobal New York*, student-led trips; volunteering (including Square Mile trips); internships; summer schools.

Students are only eligible to claim the bursary for the first opportunity that they participate on. 

*Special bursaries may also be given for designated opportunities