Who can apply?

#DMUglobal is committed to ensuring that all students can access suitable experiences. It’s not just about travelling abroad – we offer international experiences here on campus and across the UK.

Overseas Opportunities
#DMUglobal overseas opportunities and funding is only for the following students:

  • DMU Higher Education Programmes (UG + PG)*
  • Exchange students (eligible for academic-led opportunities which form a part of a module but are NOT eligible for the bursary)

*The following students are not eligible for overseas opportunities: study abroad, foundation programmes, partner institutions, distance learning and LIPC

On-Campus and UK Opportunities
#DMUglobal on-campus and UK based opportunities are open to all students enrolled at DMU including:

  • DMU Higher Education Programmes (UG + PG)
  • Erasmus+ and International Exchange
  • Study Abroad
  • Foundation programmes
  • Partner institutions
  • Distance learning
  • LIPC students

Can students qualify for more than one #DMUglobal bursary?

All DMU students that meet the eligibility criteria for a bursary are able to receive the following #DMUglobal bursaries in a single academic year (from 1st September to 31st August the following year):

  • Academic-led trip – 1 bursary to value of either £150 (Europe) or £400 (International)
  • Extra-curricular opportunity – 1 bursary to value of either £150 (Europe) or £400 (International). These include: #DMUglobal New York*, student-led trips; volunteering (including Square Mile trips); internships; summer schools.

Students are only eligible to claim the bursary for the first opportunity that they participate on. 

*Special bursaries may also be given for designated opportunities