Application Process

When to apply

To help you plan for you next DMU Global experience we have included all of the key deadlines you need to know about below for 2019-20. Each year there will be 3 rounds of applications with a variety of opportunities available in each round. Round 1, 2 is primarily focused on academic trips, with Round 3 consisting of a mix of academic trips and extra-curricular summer opportunities.

Application roundTrip datesApplication OpenApplication deadline
11 September – 31 December 2019 Monday 6 May 2019 Monday 29 May 2019 9am
21 January – 26 April 2020 Monday 30 September 2019 Monday 21 October 2019 9am
327 April – 31 August 2020 Monday 20 January 2020 Monday 10 February 2020 9am

How to apply

To apply for a DMU Global opportunity you need to complete our online application form. Click the ‘Apply Now’ button or link (these are unique to each opportunity) in the opportunity advert that you would like to apply for. In our application form you will need to complete your details as well as the two essay. Use the text boxes in the application form to provide three reasons/benefits for each of the questions below:

1.Why do you want to take part in this opportunity? Your answers may refer to academic, professional or personal motivations.

2. What skills or knowledge do you hope to develop as a result of participating in this opportunity? E.g. Enriching your subject knowledge, enhancing intercultural awareness, developing communication skills, adaptability, confidence etc

As long as you are eligible to take part in the opportunity, selection decisions will be based on the quality of your answers for the essay questions. Below we have included some tips for writing a good application:

  • Prepare your three answers for the two motivation statements in advance of making the application
  • Use the 100 word limit for each text box to fully explain and showcase your interest in the opportunity
  • Clearly demonstrate your motivations with particular reference to academic, professional or personal development
  • Make specific reference to the opportunity you are applying for, your interest in the country, culture and planned activities

Important: our application form will time out after 60 minutes and will not be saved. 

Accepting your place

You will receive the outcome of your application by email within 14 days of the opportunity deadline closing. If you are offered a place, you will need to complete the following steps to formally accept your place:

  1. Submit some additional details to help us better meet your needs and accept the student agreement, the terms and conditions of your experience.
  2. Submit your bank details in the MyBank Account tile (only if you are responsible for booking travel). We will aim to pay your bursary into the specified account at least two months before your departure date.

If you don’t formally accept your place within 10 days of receiving your offer email then the offer may be withdrawn and you could lose your place.

Next steps

After you have formally accepted your place, you will be invited to attend a DMU Global briefing session. This will give you more information about your trip as well as the next steps you need to take (e.g. making travel plans).

If bookings are being made by your Faculty, the bursary will be deducted from the total cost of the booking. You will be asked to make a payment for the remainder of the cost to your faculty through the DMU online store. This will be communicated to you by your trip lead at a later date.