Application Process

To help you plan for you next #DMUglobal experience we have included all of the key deadlines you need to know about below for 2019-20.

Each year there will be 3 rounds of applications with a variety of opportunities available in each round. Round 1, 2 is primarily focused on academic trips, with Round 3 consisting of a mix of academic trips and extra-curricular summer opportunities.

Application round Trip dates Applications open Application deadline
1 1 September – 31 December 2019 Monday 6 May 2019 Monday 29 May 2019 9am
2 1 January – 26 April 2020 Monday 30 September 2019 Monday 21 October 2019 9am
3 27 April – 31 August 2020 Monday 20 January 2020 Monday 10 February 2020 9am


Details of the eligibility criteria for participating in different types of #DMUglobal opportunities.

How to apply

Step-by-step guidance regarding our application process.

If you have any questions you can always take a look at our FAQ page or feel free to contact the #DMUglobal office. We will be happy to assist you.