SMEs & Big Business in Trieste, Italy

Ref: BAL-R2-006-2018


Third year Business Enterprise students enrolled on ENTE3533 Developing Business and ENTE3506 Creative Management and Marketing, are eligible to participate in this opportunity. The maximum number of places on this opportunity is 28 and the minimum the trip will go ahead with is 10. DMU staff will be accompanying the group.

DMU students are only eligible to receive one academic-led trip bursary per year. Please check our eligibility criteria for further details.


Participants will visit SME Gruppo Pragma who are a digital marketing and learning agency. With a limited number of staff, students will find out how they operate and work on large EU funded projects with other much larger organisations. Students will also be visiting other SMEs within their Technology Park location, to understand further the cultural dimension of business in Italy. Within the visit, students will learn more about how the business was started and it growth development plan.

In contrast, the trip will also include a tour around the Illy coffee factory. This opportunity will give students a contrasting view of business and consider the systems and processes needed to grow a globally recognised brand. Students will learn about the large scale manufacturing process, quality control and management of their natural raw material, the coffee bean. This visit will also include coffee tasting, for those who wish to.

As well as these two bigger visits, students will also take in more subtle elements of Italian business through visits to smaller businesses over the period of the trip, such as local restaurants and bars. Students will also be encouraged to visit local franchise run business in their spare time in order to evaluate the similarities of a franchise based in Italy compared to the UK. Students should leave with an awareness of the difference in business and local culture between nations.

Cultural activities

Students will have the opportunity to visit the beautiful City of Trieste which boasts significant history and culture. Students will be able to take in sites such as the Piazza and Roman Ruins in the spare time.

As well as this an organised visit to a nearby concentration camp museum, which hopefully will give students an insight into the widespread atrocities of World War 2.

Students will be encouraged to explore Trieste further in their spare time.

Travel and accommodation

Travel and accommodation for this opportunity will be booked independently by the student.

Contact details

Visa information

In order to participate in this trip, you are responsible for ensuring that you meet the Italian immigration requirements.

EU nationals will not require a visa to travel to another EU country.

Non-EU nationals will require a visa to travel to Italy and are responsible for obtaining a Schengen visa. Once accepted, should you require visa advice, trip participants are invited to one of DSU Advice Centres Visa Advice Sessions.

The #DMUglobal team can provide visa support letters as required, and proof of enrolment can be obtained from the Student Gateway. You must ensure that you apply for your Schengen visa as soon as you have been formally accepted to this opportunity by #DMUglobal. You are responsible for checking processing times and meeting all application requirements in order to ensure that you receive your visa prior to departure. Be aware that immigration decisions are made by individual embassies.

Key Information

  • Departure date: Monday 26 February 2018
  • Return date: Thursday 1 March 2018
  • Estimated cost of travel and accommodation: £400
  • Students will also be required to pay for: UK and in-country transfers, food and drink, and visa (if applicable)
  • #DMUglobal bursary: £150
  • Deadline for application: Monday 30 October 2017 9am