Pharmaceutical Science in Guangzhou, China

Ref: 10003137


Pharmacy students enrolled on Preparing for Practice (PHAR2701),  Professional and Scientific Skills 3/4 (PHAR3601/4601), Phytotherapy and Complementary Medicine (PHAR4619) and Travel and Global Health (PHAR4613) are eligible to participate in this opportunity. Additionally, Cosmetic Science and Pharmacy students studying  Pharmaceutical Formulation (PHCO2310) and Development and Manufacture of Pharmaceutical Products (PHCO3311) are also eligible to participate in this opportunity. The maximum number of places on this opportunity is 25 and the minimum the trip will go ahead with is 10. DMU staff will be accompanying the group.

DMU students are only eligible to receive one academic-led trip bursary per year. Please check our eligibility criteria for further details.


This opportunity will engage all the senses in a new, deeply historical, and vibrant Chinese culture. This visit to China for Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Science students will be to be hosted by staff and students of Guangdong Pharmaceutical University.

Participants will be given the opportunity to visit a pharmaceutical company while on the trip, observing global pharmaceutical manufacturing in action. Students will be welcomed to either a pharmaceutical company or a Chinese traditional medicine pharmaceutical company where a guided tour will be given, as well as the opportunity to meet key staff giving insight into manufacturing processes. Furthermore a visit to a community pharmacy or a hospital will enable students to speak to staff and hear about the pharmacy regime in China, so students can be clear on the similarities and differences of a Chinese provision of medicine.

There will also visit to the Guangdong Pharmaceutical University anatomy museum of the human body. The displays of the human body will be hosted by experts in those areas and you will gain an insight into how Chinese education is different to the UK and grounded in the Chinese cultural context. This aspect is not directly linked to PCS, but will highlight to the history of medicine (Material MedicaI: based on products of plants, animals and minerals), within the current practice of Chinese Traditional Medicine (TCM – a medical system that goes back 1,000’s of years) and how current medical students, and others, learn about the human body  – from displays of the human body – ultimately where the drugs or cosmetics you develop in your career will interact with.

Cultural activities

There will be the opportunity to experience Chinese cultural heritage at an Impressions Park. Here you may see the performance of a Chinese play on a lake or walk through ancient temples.

Travel and accommodation

Accommodation for this opportunity will be booked by the Faculty, and students will be expected to pay the full amount following confirmation of their place. Travel will be booked independently by students.

Contact details

Visa information

British nationals need a visa to enter mainland China. Students of other nationalities should check the Chinese Embassy website.

The #DMUglobal team can provide visa support letters as required, and proof of enrolment can be obtained from the Student Gateway. You must ensure that you apply for your visa as soon as you have been formally accepted to this opportunity by #DMUglobal. You are responsible for checking processing times and meeting all application requirements in order to ensure that you receive your visa prior to departure. Be aware that immigration decisions are made by individual embassies.

Key Information

  • Departure date: Saturday 2 November 2019
  • Return date: Saturday 9 November 2019
  • Estimated cost of travel and accommodation: £700
  • Students will also be required to pay for: UK and in-country transfers, Programme preparation and activity fee (£150), food and drink, visa (£210), vaccinations (if applicable)
  • #DMUglobal bursary: £400
  • Deadline for application: Wednesday 29 May 2019 9am