Mount Royal University – Calgary, Alberta

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Mount Royal University (MRU) was founded in 1910 following a charter by the Alberta provincial government, and today has around 25,000 students enrolled on full and part-time courses at the university. Situated in Calgary, the largest city in Alberta (1.2 million population) students at MRU benefit from it being the sunniest major city in Canada, whilst also being perfect for snow sports with on average, 128cm of snow per year.

Programmes of study

MRU offers a range of programmes of study that include Accounting, English, Health Science, History, Human Resources, Journalism, Marketing and so on. Full details of the majors on offer can be found on the MRU website. Students studying Nursing and Midwifery are not eligible to apply, as MRU are unable to accept exchange students on their programmes.

Exchange students will be required to follow a full programme of study for the academic year based at MRU.

Recreation and sport

Exchange students have full access to MRU Recreation, and there is a large variety of activities available to help you keep active and healthy during your exchange. To access MRU Recreation you will need your MRU Campus Card (ID card) which you will get once your arrive.

Student experiences

Watch videos of exchange students that went to MRU to see what they learnt from their time spent in Canada.


It is recommended that you purchase your flights to Calgary once you have your Letter of Acceptance and the required documents to enter Canada such as: passport; Visa; Study Permit; eTA. When you arrive at Calgary airport it is recommended to take a taxi to MRU as the service is easy to use, readily available, and there is always someone there to assist you in getting a taxi. The cost to MRU from the Calgary airport is approximately $55-60.

Also, whilst at MRU, exchange students qualify for the UPass. This provides MRU credit students with unlimited public transportation on bus or C-Train through out Calgary for the duration of the semester 7 days a week – for one small fee of approximately $140. To obtain the U-Pass as an exchange student you will need your MRU Campus ID card and your Letter of Acceptance detailing that you are at MRU on an exchange.


It is recommend that all exchange students should live on campus because as an exchange student you will be better able to build a social network and become involved very easily into the MRU student community.

You should only apply to live in Residence as an exchange student after you receive your Letter of Acceptance with your MRU ID#. For more information check out MRU Residence webpage.

 Contact details

Visa information

To take part in this exchange you are responsible for ensuring that meet Canadian immigration requirements. Further visa information will be provided to all accepted students.

Insurance information

DMU insurance is not sufficient for studying on exchange in Canada, and students are required to purchase emergency medical insurance while attending MRU.

It can be arranged for students on their behalf prior to their arrival to MRU. Students can also choose to carry their own emergency medical insurance from their home country. Emergency medical insurance is mandatory and must be arranged prior to departure from your home country.

The coverage dates are based on semester dates and arrival & departure information. Dates can easily be adjusted and extended as required. Students can have coverage in other countries they plan to visit while in Canada on their exchange program such as the USA. The cost is approximately $225 per semester

Fees and costs

Whilst studying at MRU, you don’t need to pay any tuition fees. You will be required to pay for the following: Exchange Programme Fee ($150); Medical Insurance; Residence Application Fee, deposit (refundable),  and residence fees. You can find more information about the fees on the MRU website.

Key Information

  • Departure date: September 2020
  • Return date: June 2021
  • #DMUglobal bursary: £800 (50% of the bursary will be paid after completion of the 1st term)
  • Deadline for application: Monday 20 January 2020 9am