International Exchange 2018-19


Most undergraduates at DMU are eligible to study abroad for a full year, after completion of their 2nd year of studies.


International Exchange offers DMU students the exciting opportunity to study overseas at one of our partner universities in the USA and Canada as part of your undergraduate degree studies.

Taking part in International Exchange can help you to develop personally and academically. Living in a new country, mixing with both local and international students and experiencing a new culture will give you valuable international experience and develop key skills valued by employers.

Read about the experiences of some of our students currently on international exchange here.

Application process

Depending on the academic programmes on offer, you can choose to study at one of DMU’s International Exchange partners, listed in the table below. Once you have decided on a provisional destination, you will need to complete the #DMUglobal application form, by clicking the ‘Apply Now’ button on the page of your chosen university.

Depending on the number of applications received, it may be a competitive selection process, but we encourage all students to apply and after the application deadline, you will be contacted by the #DMUglobal team, and given advice and support in selecting the right partner university and modules for you.

Partner universities

Students can apply for one of the following International Exchange partners, and by clicking the hyperlink it will open the specific university advert with more detailed information about the opportunity to study there.

University name

City/State Country

East Carolina University

Greenville, North Carolina


Francis Marion University

Florence, South Carolina


Georgia College and State University

Milledgeville, Georgia


Mount Royal University Calgary, Alberta


Finance/tuition fees/scholarships

Any loans, grants or scholarships you are entitled to are not affected by taking part in International Exchange.

No tuition fees are payable to the partner university.  Please be aware that some University have additional fees or standard charges which all students are required to pay.  This will be outlined to you by the host university and you are required to pay them.  If you have any queries about any ‘additional’ fees, please check with the host university.

UK/EU students going abroad for a full year on International Exchange will pay £650 (£750 for International students) as their tuition fee for the year.

Students may be eligible for a grant to cover some of your travel expenses from Student Finance.

Contact information

Need help deciding? We are happy to help with questions and you get in touch with the #DMUglobal team on 0116 257 7613 or, or meet us in Portland 0.37 between 9am and 12am Monday to Thursday.

Key Information

  • Departure date: Dependent on host university
  • Return date: Dependent on host university
  • Cost of opportunity: Varies by destination
  • #DMUglobal bursary: £800 (50% of the bursary will be paid after completion of the 1st term)
  • Deadline for application: Monday 19 February 2018 9am