Hankuk University of Foreign Studies – Seoul, South Korea

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Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS) is a leading global institution established in 1954. Since its founding, HUFS has pioneered the way forward for Korea, leading the country’s economic growth and globalization.

HUFS is recognized as the best university in Korea for educating foreign languages and area studies. The mission of the university is to foster creative experts on the international stage, who can contribute to world peace and the exchange of cultures.

More information about HUFS International Programmes can be found here.

Programmes of study

HUFS offers a range of programmes of study for students studying the following disciplines: International Relations, Business Administration, Economics, Politics and Law. In addition, Humanities students  studying English Language, English Literature and Creative Writing are welcome to apply.

An overview of modules offered can be found here.

Campus activities and events

At HUFS, there are hundreds of ways to get involved and make the most out of your university experience. HUFS offers a variety of extra curriculum activities such as the International Film Festival and World Folklore Festival. HUFS also actively supports the activities of approximately 80 student clubs which students are encouraged to participate in a variety of club activities ranging from academics, performance, arts, religion to sports. In addition, the campus has a large fitness centre and nurtures its students overall well-being.


It is recommended that you purchase your flights to Seoul once you have your Letter of Acceptance and the required documents to enter South Korea such as: passport and visa. When you arrive at  Incheon Airport  it is recommended that you use the HUFS Airport pickup service. A taxi to HUFS would be approximately £45-£55.

Also whilst at HUFS, it is useful to get a public transportation card (T-Money). Bus, subway, taxi and train fares can be paid using this rechargeable touch-and-go card. The card can be purchased for about £2 from any convenient store bearing the T-money logo and ticket vending and card reload devices inside subway stations.


It is recommend that all exchange students should live on campus because you will be able to build social networks and integrate into the HUFS student community.

You should only apply to live in the on-campus dorm once you have formally been accepted by HUFS. For more information check out HUFS Housing webpage.

Contact details

Visa information

To take part in this exchange you are responsible for ensuring that meet South Korea requirements. Further visa information will be provided to all accepted students.

Insurance information

DMU insurance is not sufficient for studying on exchange in South Korea, and students are required to purchase emergency medical insurance while attending HUFS.

Fees and costs

Whilst studying at HUFS, you don’t need to pay any tuition fees. You will be required to pay for accommodation, meals, insurance and books.

Key Information

  • Departure date: September 2020
  • Return date: June 2021
  • #DMUglobal bursary: £800 (50% of the bursary will be paid after completion of the 1st term)
  • Deadline for application: Monday 20 January 2020 9am