De Montfort Students’ Union in Brussels, Belgium

Opportunity type:

Ref: 10003096


All students are eligible to participate in this opportunity. The maximum number of places on this opportunity is 50 and the minimum the trip will go ahead with is 15. DSU staff will be accompanying the group.

DMU students are only eligible to receive one extra-curricular trip bursary per year. Please check our eligibility criteria for further details. If you have already received a bursary for an extra-curricular trip in 2018-189 you are still able to participate, but without the #DMUglobal bursary.


Due to the uncertain nature of life after leaving the European Union, as young leaders, it’s important to work together as a collective to continue to build bridges to access education. The aim of the trip is to broaden students’ horizons and develop their understanding of global/ European citizenship.  Participants will develop an understanding of how other students globally are working collaboratively to achieve similar social and educational goals, sharing the same concerns about the current political climate.

In addition, the trip will provide an opportunity for students to immerse themselves in the culture of another European country. Planned activities as part of this visit to Brussels may include:

  • A visit to the European Parliament to find out about its work as the voice of European Union citizens, and about the impact it makes across both Europe and the world.
  • Understanding the history of Europe and how that’s shaped life today
  • Building connections with students as part of a visit to Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB)  to understand about student life in Belgium, and life in another EU member state (visit to be confirmed)
  • Developing a transnational campaign for public good
  • Exploring Mini-Europe, a miniature park which has reproductions of monuments in the European Union and an exhibition entitled the ‘Spirit of Europe’ showcasing the history and impact of the European Union

Cultural activities

Outside of scheduled activity, students will have free time where they are encouraged to explore this historic city, with the many cultural highlights that can be found in the Belgian capital. You can enjoy the city by foot by joining one of the many free walking tours, visiting many of Brussels top attractions – whilst a chocolate tour may be of interest to those with a sweet tooth!

Popular tourist attractions in Brussels include the Grand Place, which is the central market square of Brussels, the Royal Palace of Brussels, Mont Des Arts, Place du Luxembourg and the European Quarter.

A day trip to Bruges is also proposed to spend a day in a different Belgian city to further develop cultural awareness and becoming fully immersed in European Culture (£30 return, one hour train journey each way).

Travel and accommodation

Flights, accommodation and transfers for this opportunity will be booked by DSU. Students will stay in shared multi-bedded rooms, single gender, at Meininger Hotel Brussels. The £150 #DMUglobal bursary will be deducted from the cost of the booking. Students will be required to pay the remainder via the DMU Online Store within 14 days of receiving an offer of acceptance from #DMUglobal.

Contact details

Visa information

In order to participate in this trip, you are responsible for ensuring that you meet the Belgian immigration requirements.

EU nationals will not require a visa to travel to another EU country.

Non-EU nationals will require a visa to travel to the Belgium and are responsible for obtaining a Schengen visa. Once accepted, should you require visa advice, please contact the #DMUglobal team.

The #DMUglobal team can provide visa support letters as required, and proof of enrolment can be obtained from the Student Gateway. You must ensure that you apply for your Schengen visa as soon as you have been formally accepted to this opportunity by #DMUglobal. You are responsible for checking processing times and meeting all application requirements in order to ensure that you receive your visa prior to departure. Be aware that immigration decisions are made by individual embassies.

Key Information

  • Departure date: Thursday 6 June 2019
  • Return date: Monday 10 June 2019
  • Estimated cost of travel, accommodation & transfers: £249 (booked by DSU)
  • Students will also be required to pay for: food & drinks, entry fees, and visa (if applicable)
  • #DMUglobal bursary: £150
  • Student cost: £99
  • Deadline for applications: CLOSED