Anti-Corruption in Action in Hong Kong

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Second year Politics and Public Policy students enrolled on Corruption and its Avoidance (POPP2010), are eligible to participate in this opportunity. The maximum number of places on this opportunity is 20 and the minimum the trip will go ahead with is 10. DMU staff will be accompanying the group.

DMU students are only eligible to receive one academic-led trip bursary per year. Please check our eligibility criteria for further details.


Students will have the opportunity to experience life in Hong Kong, to visit key political institutions, and to take part in an experiential workshop about policy making in the Hong Kong context.

Hong Kong has been one of the most successful territories in the world at curbing corruption. During the 1960s Hong Kong had a poor reputation for integrity, and corruption was seen as being an almost insurmountable problem. However, a series of policy initiatives have dramatically reversed that position and Hong Kong now is regarded as being among the top 20 least corrupt territories in the world.

During the trip, students will be able to experience the cultural differences that underlie Hong Kong’s success in curbing corruption. This will provide them with the opportunity to reflect on the relative merits of different approaches to curbing corruption. Students will also take part in an experiential workshop dealing with policy making in the Hong Kong context. This experience will underline the differences in policy backgrounds between Hong Kong and the UK, and will also give students a greater opportunity to reflect upon how we might best build policy responses to a great variety of challenges – not least of which is corruption.

Cultural activities

While in Hong Kong, students will have the opportunity to engage in a great variety of cultural experiences. The most important of which is the indirect cultural transmission acquired from being in a different place. Hong Kong has a very particular civic culture that is very different from many European countries; particularly in terms of the importance of formalised rules. This has many implications for aspects of Hong Kong life, and can be seen reflected in aspects of life as diverse as how Hong Kong tackles corruption to how Hong Kong regulates the use of public parks. Moreover, Hong Kong has a radically different social culture, food, etc. to the UK.

Alongside this diffuse cultural transmission, we will also engage in formal activities that will allow students to get a better sense of the culture of Hong Kong. This potentially includes visits to the Hong Kong museum of history, Hong Kong science museum, and the Peak Tram.

Taken together, these cultural experiences give an immersive experience of Hong Kong as a place.

Travel and accommodation

  • Travel – Students are required to independently book their travel.
  • Accommodation – The faculty will book accommodation for this opportunity, and students will be expected to pay the full amount following confirmation of their place.

Contact details

Visa information

In order to participate in this trip you are responsible for ensuring that you meet the immigration requirements for Hong Kong.

In order to participate in this trip you are responsible for ensuring that you meet Hong Kong immigration requirements. It’s likely that all students will require some kind of visa to travel to Hong Kong. Further information will be provided to all accepted students regarding the type of visa required and how to apply for it at the pre-departure session. If you have any specific questions about this please email for advice.

Please note that you are responsible for checking processing times and meeting all application requirements in order to ensure that you receive your visa prior to departure. Please be aware that immigration decisions are made by individual embassies.

Key Information

  • Departure date: Monday 25 February 2019
  • Return date: Tuesday 5 March 2019
  • Estimated cost of travel and accommodation: £1000
  • Students will also be required to pay for: UK and In-country transfers, cultural visits, food, drink and visa (if applicable).
  • #DMUglobal bursary: £400
  • Deadline for application: Monday 12 November 2018 9am